MacBook Pro & Windows OS X File Formats

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MacBook Pro & Windows OS X File Formats

Postby jroger » May 21st, '14, 11:15

Hi Everyone,
I just bought a MacBook Pro to use for Digital Media Forensic Science (Audio, Photo, Video Diagnostic Processing). What file format should I use to format the G-Drives within the G-Dock so I can use (Read & Write) the data with both a Windows (OS 7 & 8.1) and Apple OS X ? The G-Dock needs to be set up so I can Write data ( via a 3rd Windows computer using the USB port) and insert the drive then access that data from the G-Dock Thunderbolt connected to the Mac Book Pro.

Initially I thought just format a drive to exFAT with Mavericks and see if it worked fine on a Windows 7 laptop...

Secondly, I thought:format everything to hfs+ and installed parallels.... this being the solution for the shared data partition on a dual boot OS X/Windows machine.

So has anyone had any experience with the following products:

TexFat. ... gkpihphjja

I know this is a complicated subject. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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Re: MacBook Pro & Windows OS X File Formats

Postby Dustin F » May 22nd, '14, 07:25

Hi jroger,

Thanks for posting. Exfat would normally be the format you would use for compatibility between OSX and Windows. There is support for that file format on both Mac and PC to allow read and writes. Your idea for having it in HFS+ works with a bootcamp version of windows, I think parallels as well but not certain. However if you are going to use a regular windows computer at all hfs would not be readable without additional software like macdrive. exfat would be more universal.

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