EV drive and RAID 1

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EV drive and RAID 1

Postby mjsanders5uk » May 18th, '14, 01:37

If I use the EV with two modules stripped as Raid 1 (Mirrored - apologies if I wrong and its actually 0 thats mirrored) and have say my photo library on there.

If I take a module out and use it stand alone, when I put it back in will the mirror rebuild itself?

So basically the plan would be photo library on a mirrored set. take 1 drive away on location and do some work on it. come back home, pop drive back in docking station and the new data is copied to the other drive.

Be fab if that worked.

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Re: EV drive and RAID 1

Postby Dustin F » May 19th, '14, 08:00

Hi mjsanders5uk,

Thanks for posting. For clarity, mirrored is raid 1 (redundant), stripped is raid 0 (performance). Yes if you take on of the the mirrored drives out and use it stand alone when you return it to the dock with the other mirrored drive the raid will rebuild. Keep in mind the g-dock has the top slot as the master, so when you reinsert the drive whatever is on the top drive will copy to the bottom. So make sure that the drive that you have made the changes to is in the top slot of the dock.

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