Drive light not functioning consistently

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Drive light not functioning consistently

Postby lwburke1 » May 10th, '14, 07:26

The drive light on one of my 2TB G-Drives is usually off even though the drive appears to be working. The offending disk is part of a 6-disk RAID 10 array connected via FireWire to a Mac Mini running 10.9.2. The only time the light comes on is if I shut down the computer and the disk goes idle. Then the light will come on normally and even show some disk activity when everything is powered back up, but within a few minutes the light is out again. No other disk in the array exhibits this behavior. Any ideas?

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Re: Drive light not functioning consistently

Postby Dustin F » May 12th, '14, 09:19

Hi lwburke1,

Thanks for posting. The light issue could be the result of the RAID 10. There could be too much signal passing through for the light to be able to display properly. The led sensor we never tested for the kind of setup.

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