Backup software for Windows 7

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Backup software for Windows 7

Postby alex+1988 » Apr 21st, '14, 10:03

Looking for Windows backup software similar to Apple's Time Machine

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Re: Backup software for Windows 7

Postby Dustin F » Apr 23rd, '14, 07:11

Hi alex+1988,

Thanks for posting. If you mean similar in that all your programs will be backed up along with your personal files you would want a program that makes a bootable image. Window 7 includes a image option in its own backup program but it is not compatible with advanced format drives (i.e 4k or 512e sector drive) to which most of our drives are. There are a number of third party programs which will work with advanced format such as Acronis true image. If you are simply looking for something that will backup your personal files automatically you can use a simpler program like touro cloud backup.

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