G-Speed eS with Thunderbolt

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Re: G-Speed eS with Thunderbolt

Postby Dustin F » Mar 7th, '14, 08:18

Hi Adam,

If you are using a esata controller that does not have advanced raid function it must support port multiplication in order to read all 4 drives in the unit. If you created a raid through disk utility then that is a software raid. If you used the RAID utility that is separate from disk utility that is a hardware RAID using the Mac Pros own raid controller which is usually for internal drives but may have worked since it was a add on card connecting to it. You should check to see if the Lacie hub supports port multiplication, from the sounds of it, it probably doesn't.

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Re: G-Speed eS with Thunderbolt

Postby boghav » Apr 1st, '14, 08:22

I have successfully attached my GSpeed es to a new mac pro via Thunderbolt by purchasing a HighPoint Rocket Raid 644L controller card (same manufacturer of the G-Tech supplied eSata controller card) and have installed that in an OWC Helios external PCI chassis with Thunderbolt connectivity. You must run the driver contained on the DVD that comes with the controller card. Running OS 10.9.2


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