GspeedQ eSata Host Card

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GspeedQ eSata Host Card

Postby pobare » Mar 12th, '14, 03:32


I own two GspeedQ 12TB RAID5 (esata/FW800/USB 2.0) and I got some bad experience with the Tempo SATA Pro 6Gb Pcie 2.0 CARD from Sonnet. I have read in Sonnet's website that port multiplier for this card is only supported on windows. Does the GspeedQ need a eSata host card that support port multiplier ?

Regarding the use of a eSata connectivity ...

First, Could you confirm that this Sonnet card is supported and work with the Gspeed Q on OSX?

Second, Do you know if I can use a Atto ExpressSAS H680 HBA with it on OSX?

Thanks for the support

Paprika Brussels

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Re: GspeedQ eSata Host Card

Postby Dustin F » Mar 12th, '14, 07:45

Hi Pob,

Thanks for posting. The G-Speed Q does not require port multiplication on an esata card in order to work. The Q should work with most esata cards, usually the only ones we see trouble with are the extremely cheep cards, backplane extender brackets (direct from sata mobo to esata on bracket) and occasionally some integrated controllers. We have not tested this card specifically although we don't usually see any issue with Sonnet. The Atto card you mention is a mini sas card which is the wrong interface to be used with the G-Speed Q

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