G-Raid 4tb Not Working Properly (Windows)

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G-Raid 4tb Not Working Properly (Windows)

Postby ThirdHandChunk » Dec 20th, '12, 18:50

Ok so I Have been looking for a new hard drive with good write speeds for a while now i finally settled on getting a G-Raid 4tb dual hard drive. So i get it follow the setup instructions for windows and everything. Ok now I get back on my computer for a while after doing some stuff and a message saying i need to format this drive pops up. now i already did this so at first i hit cancel but the then it says anytime i try to use the hard drive that it can't find the file specified. I can get it fixed but everything will be deleted whether i do it through a process that does so or not. But sooner or later the problem pops up again now i have a youtube channel and i have missed out on some big opportunities because of this. Now i think one reason for this may be because i'm using an eSATA cable to attach and since my desktop doesn't have a eSATA cable port i have a adapter now if that is the problem can someone tell me how to fix it, and if it isn't the problem can i be directed to what is and how it can be fixed.

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