Question on setup

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Question on setup

Postby robertjohnb » Jun 28th, '12, 09:23

I purchased the G-Connect yesterday and I was setting it up for a trip to China next week. Everything works but when I logged on to the device today from the macbook pro I used to setup the device it stated that my macbook was already connected to the G-Connect wireless SSID and the computer name was being changed to Macbook Pro 2. It appeared to work but then when I disconnected and reconnected again it said that the Macbook Pro 2 was already connected and it was changing my computer to Macbook Pro 3. What's up? Am I doing something incorrectly.

Also I take it that there is no way to make user accounts except the standard Admin and Guest accounts? If I want music and videos to be accessible by my wife, my son and me should I be putting those files in the Public folder and have everyone connect as Guest? Also could you explain the DLNA server capabilities or direct me to a link to read about.


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Re: Question on setup

Postby Brandon P » Jun 29th, '12, 07:15

Hello Rob,

Are you attaching the G-CONNECT to your network? If so what is the SSID you gave the device? The renaming computer issue has come up before but shouldn't be causing disconnections.

Yes you can only have Admin and Guest accounts. You can set the folders as shared using the WebGUI app instead of the iPad app. If you log in to the webapp you can select the folders and click the icon to set them as shared/public and that will allow people logged in as guest or through DLNA applications to see the content in that folder that you shared.

The DLNA server works the same as just about any other device with that capability. If you have the G-CONNECT on a network that has devices that can see DLNA services then it will be listed and you can utilize media straight from the device as long as the files are in the public folder or shared like previously mentioned.
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