WIFI pass-through

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WIFI pass-through

Postby bigfish645 » Jun 3rd, '12, 22:02

Will the g-connect support wifi pass thru with an updated firmware in the future?

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Re: WIFI pass-through

Postby Brandon P » Jun 4th, '12, 13:36


The G-CONNECT offers internet pass-through via attaching via ethernet to a router. Are you speaking of bridging WiFi without the use of ethernet from a router?

If that is the case, as of now there is no plans for that. We will look into it and see if it is a possibility that can be unlocked via firmware.
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Re: WIFI pass-through

Postby Jquayle » Dec 10th, '12, 14:10

I'm also interested in being able to connect to an existing wifi network, rather then creating a new SID. It would be great if this could just be wifi attached storage rather then needing to act as the wifi access point.

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