G-Drive Mobile w / Thunderbold Ejects Spontaneously

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G-Drive Mobile w / Thunderbold Ejects Spontaneously

Postby pjhjr » Feb 14th, '14, 04:08

I have a brand new drive and when I plug it in to me new MacBook Pro it will mount, sometimes for up to 5 minutes (and into the process where I can begin to write to it), and it will spontaneously eject itself producing error messages to eject it properly. I have reformatted it, partitioned it, tried usb vs. thunderbolt, and nothing solves my problem. If I leave it plugged in, it will simply cycle its state: mounts, spontaneously ejects, mounts again, etc. (cycle does not seem to have a regular frequency but on average the cycle takes 2-4 minutes).

Can anyone help?

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Re: G-Drive Mobile w / Thunderbold Ejects Spontaneously

Postby Dustin F » Feb 14th, '14, 08:38

Hi pjhjr,

Thanks for posting. If you are getting inconsistent mounting on both the usb and thunderbolt connections there may be an issue with the drive's interface controller. Since you have just purchased it I would suggest exchanging it at the point of purchase.

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