Digital Copies Created with Handbrake

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Digital Copies Created with Handbrake

Postby pleibowitz » May 6th, '12, 05:21

I'm having problems with video play back on digital copies of my dvd's created using Handbrake. They were created using the H.264 option and are m4v formats, and are all under 4gb. However every time I try to play a video on my iPad in the G Connect app I get the following error msg "The Media being played is of an unsupported format". I've check the tech support page and I know that I've created digital copies in the correct format so I don't understand why I'm getting this msg and unable to play my videos on my iPad.

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Re: Digital Copies Created with Handbrake

Postby Brandon P » May 7th, '12, 07:38

Hello pleibowitz,

Other than H.264 for video, what are your audio encoding settings? What is the video bitrate? You want to keep them at around 2.5-3Mbps. What is the profile setting you use on Handbrake?
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