Speed question

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Speed question

Postby section34 » Jun 17th, '14, 03:18

I am looking for the fastest t-bolt non-SSD solution for photo and video editing for our Mac studio. RAID is not critical since we have suffered data loss on both redundant drive setups and RAID setups as well. Speed and t-bolt tech are the most important to us.

It seems the G-Drive Pro with t-bolt gives the fastest transfer rate yet uses t-bolt 1 technology. Why isn't the G-raid Studio with t-bolt 2 technology faster?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Speed question

Postby Dustin F » Jun 17th, '14, 07:22

Hi section34,

Thanks for posting. The G-Raid Studio while using a thunderbolt 2 interface is using 2 drives. The G-Drive Pro actually has 4 drives in a proprietary raid setup. The extra drives in the unit distributes the work load and allows for greater speed. For comparison the G-Speed Studio which also has 4 drives with the thunderbolt 2 connection is capable of even greater speeds. The speeds you see listed for the G-Raid Studio are in a RAID 0 configuration although it can do raid 1 and JBOD as well. The G-Drive Pro is a RAID 0 only unit.

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