Swapping Drives

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Swapping Drives

Postby lmvincent » Dec 31st, '13, 13:32

I have 4 ev drives for my G-Dock. I'm a photographer and always keep 3 copies of my photo archives--2 at my work station and 1 in a remote location for safe-keeping. With G-Dock, I was hoping to streamline the duplication process by removing the 2nd drive after a backup, swapping in a spare drive and letting the process complete again. Then I'd take the spare with me to my offsite location and swap the drives.

After configuring RAID 1, it doesn't look like I can do this. Am I doing something wrong? Would it be better to do JBOD and use a duplicating utility instead?

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Re: Swapping Drives

Postby Dustin F » Jan 2nd, '14, 10:43

Hi lmvincent,

Thanks for posting. In order to swap a third or fourth drive into the raid 1 having the rebuild set to manual works better. When you swap the additional drive in you can select rebuild under disk utility to get the additional to recognize. However using a sync software in jbod mode often works better when maintaining data across multiple drives.

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