Future Plans for the EV

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Future Plans for the EV

Postby DIT » Dec 22nd, '13, 18:13

I'm considering investing in your dock and a few dozen of your EV mobile drives to deliver daily footage and renders to clients and edit houses. That said, I'd like to try to get some information on the future of EV. Are there any plans to offer capacities higher than 1 TB per drive? Also, will there eventually be an upgrade to Thunderbolt 2 for optimized use with the new Mac Pro?

Thanks for your insight.

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Re: Future Plans for the EV

Postby Dustin F » Dec 23rd, '13, 09:42


Thanks for posting. We cannot speak on any future products that have not been announced. The current limitation of the g-drive ev is due to the largest capacity 2.5" 7200 RPM drive we produce. We have not yet developed a larger capacity for that form factor and speed. I have no information on when thunderbolt 2 will be added to any of our products.

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