DISAPPOINTment LOOoooms o'er the head of REMORSEful buyers

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DISAPPOINTment LOOoooms o'er the head of REMORSEful buyers

Postby h jay r » Nov 20th, '13, 22:57

So, after saving up duckets for months I could finally afford this top of the line, state-of-the art hard drive, which would work with removable and replaceable slotted mini-drives, which, I'm assured at the Apple Store in Santa Monica CA, will still be relevant when one day when I am able to purchase a new MAC, whenever that may be... Only problem is that in the meantime, this hard drive unit is accessible only through thunderbolt and dontchaknow my old trusty iMac only has inputs for firewire and USB. No sweat, however, because in the meantime all I need is one of these thunderbolt to firewire adapters-- so the speed of transfers may not be what it might have been, but everything will still jibe workably.

Come home. Unwrap. Follow all directions thrice over, checking and doublechecking all connections and routing cables, read all available troubleshooting tips, as quite often, I know, things work a little differently with Macs than PCs, and I come across some information suggesting DiskUtility or SystemProfiler checks, if and when the dual icons representing my dandy new hard-drive not appear on the desktop. However, there is no semblance of representation in either category for my new device, it simply doesn't show up anywhere. I'm aware I'm whining and griping but you know how hard the tears fall when you've saved up over time, and then sweated over the tedium of your mechanistic connections and options for several hours upon hours, and to no avail, and suddenly it dawns on you that either you've just purchased malfunctioning goods or the goods were incompatible with your original machine from the start. And the stores are now closed, and technical support is now unavailable until morning when you'll have to head to work anyway, and you cry out in frustration and desperation across the web at large, for some distant sympathetic, calming technological guru to email you at least a metaphysical tissue, if there is no alternative, available meaningful solution known to mankind... I mean, does Godot never show up? Not even at the end of the line, deep into the fifth and final act... PLEEAAASEE, help me... Have you not seen the final scene of the black and white 50's version of The Fly...

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Re: DISAPPOINTment LOOoooms o'er the head of REMORSEful buye

Postby Dustin F » Nov 21st, '13, 08:19

Hi h jay r,

Thanks for posting. Unfortunately the people at the apple store gave you some misinformation. The thunderbolt to firewire adapter only works to attach older firewire devices to newer thunderbolt equipped computers, not the other way around. A thunderbolt cable has small processors in each end of the cable which is needed to interpret data from one end to the other. The adapter only has processing at one end. The dock will not work until you have a computer with thunderbolt. You can either return the unit or you can use the individual modules via usb for the time being and start using the dock once you have a thunderbolt equipped computer.

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