G-DOCK ev stops working

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G-DOCK ev stops working

Postby leol » May 31st, '14, 17:28

I bought the G-DOCK ev with thunderbolt several months ago and it has been working fine with my 2-year old Macbook Pro until this morning. The top disk of the 2-disk 0 RAID drive flashes momentarily and the whole drive just won't start. Could someone help? Thanks


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Re: G-DOCK ev stops working

Postby Dustin F » Jun 2nd, '14, 07:19

Hi leol,

Thanks for posting. Have you checked disk utility to see if the drive itself is seen and if so checked the status of the raid? It may be that the computer sees the raid as corrupt, and as it is raid 0 it would not have the ability to rebuild. If this is the case you will have to delete and recreate the raid.

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