G-Dock EV and SSD

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G-Dock EV and SSD

Postby Joe_Arauzo » May 7th, '14, 10:46


I'm very interested in purchasing the G-Dock EV with Thunderbolt. I want to configure one with two SSD drives. The problem I see is that the G-Dock EV already comes with two non-SSDs that I have no need for. Is it possible to order the G-Dock with two G-Drive ev SSDs instead? If not, can I open the drive carriers for the mechanical drives and install my own SSDs instead?



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Re: G-Dock EV and SSD

Postby Dustin F » May 8th, '14, 07:35

Hi Joe,

Thanks for posting. The G-Dock is currently sold only with the regular G-Drive EV modules. If you opened the casing of the EV modules not only would that void the warranty on them but would break the enclosure as it is a snap together form rendering it useless.

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