Lost password! Please help

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Lost password! Please help

Postby Ghost rider » Dec 29th, '13, 17:18

I forgot the password on my G-Connect. Is there any way that I can recover it or reset the drive. I do not have many files on it so even if I loose them due to the reset, it will not be a big issue. I really need some help with this.
Thank you.

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Re: Lost password! Please help

Postby Dustin F » Dec 30th, '13, 11:23

Hi Ghost rider,

Thanks for posting. You can perform a factory reset on the unit to reset the password. This can be done in the following steps.
*make sure the unit is on
*hold down the wifi button (this little button next to the power) for 10 seconds until the status light starts to blink.
*this will take several minutes once it returns to solid you should see the ssid of the g-connect return to the default unsecured signal. Connect to it and begin setup as it came out of the box.

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