iPad backup

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iPad backup

Postby Kjjjbergeron4 » Feb 8th, '13, 15:15

I purchased this product to give me more space on my iPad. I cannot find how to get the items on the g-connect from the iPad. When I down loaded the app it did not have any items on it that we're on my aped when I clicked at the bottom iPad icon vs g-connect icon.

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Re: iPad backup

Postby Dustin F » Feb 11th, '13, 10:28

Hi Kjjjbergeron,

Thank you for posting. As it turns out you cannot upload files directly from the ipad to the g-connect. It is a media sharing device, the interface for putting files on it are via usb with a computer. The app is to access the content on the drive, not transfer it. Hope this is helpful.

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