Contents of folders no longer visible

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Contents of folders no longer visible

Postby Kevinjlester » Jul 1st, '13, 12:04

Hello all

I have used my gconnect for about a year as a media server on my home wired network. Until recently I have been able to play / view files stored on it using my ps3 or Samsung tv. I now can no longer see any files in any folders on either my ps3 or tv but both are seeing the gconnect is there

I can see everything if I access the gconnect via my pc as a mapped network drive or if I plug it into the USB port

I have tried reducing the size of the folders - they are under 20gig and obviously there are no single files bigger than 4gig but am now stumped. I am trying to spot a setting that will make a device re-index what is stored but there is nothing on either the ps3 or the tv and I cannot see anything on the gconnect

I wonder if it's anything to do with mapping the gconnect on the pc

Any ideas would be much appreciated

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Re: Contents of folders no longer visible

Postby Angel » Aug 23rd, '13, 15:26

Hello Kevinjlester ,

Unfortunately Playstation 3 and TV are not supported platforms.

Seems to be a software issue or configuration because you can still access dat when connected directly or network mapped.

If the external drive would not show on any of you device platforms. If it does not show in Windows Disk Management we know we would have a problem with external drive.

Not sure if you are using a software based configuration.
Such as Windows Media Center or Roxio Media Center. If you are using such software, contact manufacture of software.
If you are using a NAS box or Network hardware device containing proprietary software , contact manufacture of that hardware.

If you can view all missing files from PC and verify they are all working correctly.
You might want to backup and reconfigure your server, might be faster than troubleshooting.
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