Cannot see files on my gconnect

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Cannot see files on my gconnect

Postby Kevinjlester » Jun 29th, '13, 08:47

Hello all

My gconnect has worked without problem for about a year acting as a media server for my ps3 and Samsung smart tv. It is also set up as a network drive on my pc

Recently though my tv and ps3 can see the gconnect but do not see the files on it. The pc can see everything as usual.

Any ideas what to do to fix this?

I have tried removing some files in case the folder was getting too big



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Re: Cannot see files on my gconnect

Postby Dustin F » Jul 2nd, '13, 07:16

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for asking. The best suggestion I have is to backup the data on the drive through the PC and reformat the drive, make sure you are using fat32 as the PS3 won't read ntfs.

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