Storing files greater than 4GB

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Re: Storing files greater than 4GB

Postby TomF » Jun 16th, '14, 14:49

dulich wrote:Are there any plans to support either NTFS or exFAT and still be Web accessible?

Old post I know but I had to try exFAT today to confirm dulich's findings and I did--exFAT doesn't work. Thought it was worth a try because a similar device (HooToo TripMate Nano) has very very similar Linux-based software and exFAT DOES work with it.

At any rate after getting the red status light I tried HFS+ and that seems to work, though I had to do that formatting with the Mac OS running in a VirtualBox machine as I'm otherwise all Windows here. I've discovered that while Windows doesn't recognize a "G-CONNECT formatted to HFS+" if you turn-off WiFi and connect it as a Network Drive with Gigabit ethernet, file transfers are slow but workable (and you can fiddle with the folder structures too).

An alternative to this is Paragon's HFS+ for Windows 10, which is $20 bucks and which I might yet try if the network drive workaround becomes too painful to use.


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