Drive abruptly stopped mounting

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Drive abruptly stopped mounting

Postby arroway78 » Apr 27th, '14, 15:41

I have a G-Tech mobile 1tb drive with Thunderbolt. Used it several times this morning, then it abruptly disconnected and now will not mount at all.

Disk Utility on OS X can see the drive, but not mount it.

Verifying the drive suggests I should repair it.

Repair fails. I'm told by Disk Utility to recover my data from the drive and format it.

But I can't mount the drive in order to get data off of it.

Verifying the physical drive in Disk Utility says "partition map appears to be OK".

Data on this drive is of course very critical. How can I get that data off?

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Re: Drive abruptly stopped mounting

Postby Dustin F » Apr 28th, '14, 08:19

Hi arroway78,

Thanks for posting. It sounds like a logical issue with the drive from abrupt disconnection. There are a couple of third party software options you can use to get to the data. One is disk warrior which can usually repair the partition table where disk utility cannot. If not can copy files off. The other is data rescue 3 which can bypasses the partition table to copy data off. For data rescue 3 there is a free trial, there is not for disk warrior. One of there should allow you to get the data off.

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