In general need to 16TB at maximum speed. (IMAC2013/Thunderb

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In general need to 16TB at maximum speed. (IMAC2013/Thunderb

Postby visk_alex » Dec 24th, '13, 00:16

In general need to 16TB at maximum speed. (IMAC2013/Thunderbolt)
As I understand it there are two options
1 G-RAID With Thunderbolt 8TB = when two 8Tb which turns the overall speed of read / write speed? (so one 8Tb 300mb / s / but two?)
2 G Drive Pro 4TB Thunderbolt = four pieces = 16TB (480mb / s) then what there overall speed read / write speed?

What will advise? Thank you! (soon need to take, and I don `t know which is better, please help with the choice)

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Re: In general need to 16TB at maximum speed. (IMAC2013/Thun

Postby Dustin F » Dec 24th, '13, 09:56

Hi visk_alex,

Thanks for posting. If you are wanting a thunderbolt interface for that capacity G-Raid TB would be the better option. If testing in our lab with two G-Raid TB in a raid 0 we were getting around 400MBps. When having a raid 0 across two unit like this there is an added risk of corruption. We would recommend powering the units on before the computer to ensure they can spin up at the same time. If one unit is turned on too long before the other this can cause the drives to spin up at different time and cause the raid to corrupt. As for the G-Drive Pro, it is not yet available and would not recommend using 4 of them in a raid 0 as each unit contains 4 drives, as such 4 units would be 16 drives and would have even less chance of stability.

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