RAID after partitioning drives

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RAID after partitioning drives

Postby fableblue2010 » Jul 3rd, '13, 09:32

I am new to RAID. I purchased the 4Tb model with thunderbolt to use with my Macbook Pro to store photo's and to help speed with the rendering of photo shot to do time lapse.

My question is - can i partition the G-RAID and the apply different RAID's (to take the full speed advantage of the thunderbolt) to the partitions?
ex: 5Gb's for time machine; 20Gb's for documents and the rest for images/photo and time lapse sequences.


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Re: RAID after partitioning drives

Postby Gene G » Aug 5th, '13, 09:14


Thanks for your post. When you create a RAID in DiskUtility, you cannot partition the RAID volume you created. If you need partitions such as you describe, I would recommend that you use the drives in JBOD mode and partition the drives as needed. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gene Gilbert
G-Technology Tech Support

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