Help Please

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Help Please

Postby Tharris5 » Oct 4th, '13, 12:29

Good afternoon. I am new to the G technology family and recently was given a G Drive Tower (ES - 4tb). I have an older Mac Mini which does not have a Sata port not does my PC. The Drive came with a Sata card. What do I do?????

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Re: Help Please

Postby Dustin F » Oct 7th, '13, 07:59

Hi Tharris5,

Thanks for posting. The G-Speed ES requires the esata card to manage the raid configuration. While the mac mini has no expansion slots for the card you could mount it in the PC if it has an available pci-e slot. It should be a pci-e x4 card. However it can also work in pci-e slots of greater size such as a x8 or x16 slot. You can find the manual and downloads for the card form our support page for the G-Speed ES.

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