G-Speed Q unable to read/write or copy [OSX 10.7.5 HFS+]

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G-Speed Q unable to read/write or copy [OSX 10.7.5 HFS+]

Postby JakeFerris » Nov 13th, '13, 04:27


I have an issue with my G-Speed Q which has worked well for 18 months now, but today has produced some serious problems.

Further info:
RAID 5 configuration
HFS+ non-journaled
Apple Partition Map (one partition, default setup by configurator)
No status lights illuminated
No unusual noises during operation
Tested on an iMac, Mac Pro and Macbook Pro with the same issue on each, using either USB or Firewire

The disk shows up as expected in all locations, but navigating the files and folders is extremely slow (sometimes non existant) and often causes finder to crash. Attempting to copy a file to another drive results in the file transfer freezing at ~80% and reporting the errors "file in use" and "file not found/no such file".

Steps taken so far:

Verify/Repair in disk utility - returns the result "appears to be OK"
Analysis using testdisk returns result of disk seems OK

Internal RAID controller failure?
Allocation mapping table corrupted?

75% of this disk is backed up, but unfortunately the most recent files are of great importance so I'd like to do all I can to recover them, before sending off the drive for replacement (I've just been given an RMA by the reseller).

If anyone has any similar experiences or ideas, they would be very sincerely appreciated.

Thank you

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Re: G-Speed Q unable to read/write or copy [OSX 10.7.5 HFS+]

Postby Dustin F » Nov 14th, '13, 09:27

Hi JakeFerris,

Thanks for posting. Thanks you for being thorough before hand. Since you are getting no unusual noises or indications coming from the drives it could be the controller, however one thing that could be tested first is powering off the unit, ejecting each drive and re-seating to ensure it is not a loose connection with one of the drives. If that doesn't work and the enclosure needs to be replaced we can usually set up an advanced replacement to send the replacement unit to you ahead of time so you can transfer the drives into a new enclosure to maintain the data. I suggest re-seating the drives first. If that doesn't work you can send me a private message and we can discuss further about an advanced replacement.

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