Flashing yellow and red lights

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Flashing yellow and red lights

Postby mfhenry » Mar 11th, '14, 13:06

I received my 16tb G-SPEED Q today and out of the box one of the drives is flashing yellow and the indicator at the bottom (temp indicator) is flashing red. All of the other drives are flashing blue. Am I to assume that drive was bad out of the box? What can I do to fix this situation? Can I still use the drive?

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Re: Flashing yellow and red lights

Postby Dustin F » Mar 12th, '14, 07:25

Hi mfhenry,

Thanks for posting. Normally the only time a drive will flash amber is when it is flashing amber and blue when it is trying to rebuild. You may may want to power the unit of and reseat the blinking drive to make sure it was not a loose connection. If it persists blinking rather than force a rebuild which can take hours (since this is a new unit) you can download the configurator to reset the raid. The G-Speed Q comes in RAID 5 out of the box. I would suggest changing it to RAID 0 then run the configurator again back to RAID 5. You wil be prompted each time the configurator completes that a drive cannot be read, ignore it the first time but the second time click initialize and select what should not be listed as a 12TB Raid array and use the partition tab to format the drive.

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