Replacing Sunon Maglev KDE1206PFV2 Fan

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Replacing Sunon Maglev KDE1206PFV2 Fan

Postby houli » Nov 26th, '13, 12:39

I have removed the fan cover and sourced a replacement fan.

Question: How do I take the casing to pieces to get to the three pin fan connector?

While I can get to the fan unit, the connector is buried inside the casing. The only way to change the fan without taking the casing to bits is to solder the new fan to the old cables.

Unit Serial Number: A508270067
P/N: G-SFM 35/1TB


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Re: Replacing Sunon Maglev KDE1206PFV2 Fan

Postby Dustin F » Nov 27th, '13, 11:16

Hi houli,

Thanks for posting. While the three pin connector is near where the fan is the cabling for it is wound further into the case. If you remove the rubber feet from the bottom of the enclosure you can remove the screws that hold the casing in place and have easy access to properly remove the fan.

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