G-SAFE eject problem

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G-SAFE eject problem

Postby titienne » Jan 29th, '14, 13:02

Hi !

I Have a G-SAFE 1 TO for about 3 years and a couple month ago, when I eject the drive from my computer, the G-SAFE drive still continue to run, usually the drive fan and disk slowly stopped and then I turned the switch at OFF, but not anymore.

Is is normal ? Does it can affect my files on my G-SAFE ?
I have a imac 2012 running on maverick.

Thanks for helping !

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Re: G-SAFE eject problem

Postby Dustin F » Jan 30th, '14, 09:16

Hi titienne,

Thanks for posting. This occurrence seems to be happen on systems that upgraded to mavericks especially by more than one major version (i.e. 10.6 or 10.7 to 10.9) It does not occur on clean installs of 10.9. It seems to be a conflict of drivers left over from previous versions of the mac os. Currently the only real solution we have found is doing a clean install of 10.9 to a system.

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