GRaid Mini - Loud Fan

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GRaid Mini - Loud Fan

Postby JC_Rich » Jan 7th, '14, 08:02

Is it normal for this drive to be so loud? Once the fan kicks in it's a grinding, revving fan noise. Anything that can be done to quite this down? My larger G Raid drives are practically silent. I don't think I can continue using this Mini if it's going to be this loud.

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Re: GRaid Mini - Loud Fan

Postby Gene G » Jan 7th, '14, 15:04

Hi JC_Rich,

Thanks for your post. Does the fan sound like it is rubbing against something? If so, you may be able to adjust the fan on the bottom of the drive by slightly loosening the screws holding the fan and move it around until the sound goes away, then tighten the screws, and it should be OK. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gene Gilbert
G-Technology Tech Support

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