Slow transfer speed using eSata

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Slow transfer speed using eSata

Postby fgoupil » Jan 10th, '13, 08:34


I recently acquired a G-Raid mini (1TB) and I am experiencing very slow write speeds using Windows 7. The drive works flawlessly using FW800 but when transferring data from an internal drive to the G-Raid mini using the eSata connexion, the transfer speed starts up really fast (about 120MB/s from a "software" RAID 0 in Windows) but after a few seconds it drops to about 20MB/s for the rest of the transfer. I don't have this issue using an other eSata drive I have (a single drive Lacie - this drive sustains a 60MB/s rate for the whole transfer). Also, I can transfer data from the G-Raid to the internal RAID array at 120MB/s for the whole transfer so this is only a write issue.

I've activated the advanced performance setting in Window's driver for the G-Raid but that did not improve the situation... Any other tips? The sata/esata controller is an Intel 5 series/3400 Series set in RAID mode - I have the same issue when resetting the controller to AHCI mode.


François Goupil

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Re: Slow transfer speed using eSata

Postby Gene G » Jan 22nd, '13, 12:00

Hi Francois,

Thanks for your post. I would recommend checking for newer drivers for your eSATA port/card. A possible workaround for you is to re-format the drive using MBR as the Partition Map Scheme instead of GUID. This will destroy your data, so make sure you have it backed up before doing this. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gene Gilbert
G-Technology Tech Support

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