Replacing HDD and cooler question

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Replacing HDD and cooler question

Postby matija » Mar 6th, '14, 09:40

Hi, I bought these of eBay, it's Gen3 500GB (2x250gb Hitachi HDD).

Stock HDD's are really slow for my needs, therefore I decided to replace them with faster and bigger. Can you please tell me what is the max. size for individual disk I can place inside (eg. 2x 750GB) and do I need to change anything after replacement?

Another question, I noticed that my case gets warm after few minutes of use. When does cooler (ventilator) starts spinning? Shouldn't it be always on?

Thank you.

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Re: Replacing HDD and cooler question

Postby Dustin F » Mar 6th, '14, 11:31

Hi matija,

Thanks for posting. The unit should be able to handle up to 1TB drives, 7200RPM should not be a problem, however SATA 3 drives may cause issue and would stick to SATA 2 drives. You will most likely need to run the configurator software to set up the raid on the new drives. The configurator can be found here ... nfigurator

The g-raid mini do tend to be a little warm in normal operation, the fan comes on after the drives reach a certain temperature. I do not have the specific temperature that triggers the fan.

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