G Raid issue

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G Raid issue

Postby konofilm » Feb 19th, '14, 20:09

I purchased a 4 TB G raid a couple of months ago for a job but have only started inputting the media last week. We are having intermittent issues, for example the drive will not mount on the desktop when it's turned on and when we open disk utilities the drive is not there or it will say there is no media. I then unplug everything and try it on another Mac (firewire) and everything is normal. I unplug again and go back to the original iMac and it shows up on the desktop and all is normal again. The issue seems to be intermittent and I'm concerned that if I start cutting and the drive fails I'll lose a lot of time.


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Re: G Raid issue

Postby Dustin F » Feb 20th, '14, 08:17

Hi konofilm,

Thanks for posting. That is unusual behavior. Does this happen on usb as well as on firewire? You may also want to check that the power adapter plugged into it is correct, it should have an output of 12v 4a. Sometimes I have seen people plug a 2a power adapter into it which will sometimes let it spin up and sometimes not. If the power adapter is correct and the problem persists on both connections should have it replaced under warranty. A RMA can be filed here. http://prod.g-technology.com/support/warranty_rma.cfm

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