G-Raid with Airport Extreme

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G-Raid with Airport Extreme

Postby morscad » Feb 23rd, '14, 17:26

I am a bit mixed up about the Raid0 and Raid1, dose the G-Raid provide data redundancy if used as a backup drive?
I am intending to attach my G-Drive to my Airport Extreme and perform time-machine backup over wifi, in addition to having it as a networked drive for my music and data, and I want the extra protection of knowing that if one of the drives fails, the other will still maintain my data.

does the g-drive do that?


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Re: G-Raid with Airport Extreme

Postby Dustin F » Feb 24th, '14, 10:10

Hi morscad,

Thanks for posting. The G-Raid is a raid 0 only unit. It is designed to be a performance drive using both drives for maximum space and increased read and write speeds. The G-Raid Mini however can be configured in a Raid 1 configuration. The largest unit is a 2TB but in raid 1 it would have 1TB of space. You Switched back and forth between saying G-Raid and G-Drive. For clarity if you have a G-Drive that has only a single hard drive within it.

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