Unmountable RAID2

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Unmountable RAID2

Postby JohC » Apr 27th, '14, 18:08

I was given a RAID2 500GB. My friend said that there were problems with it. When I connect it to my iMac it isn't recognized. I opened the case and attached each drive separately. Both were trouble for the DiskUtility to at first recognize. When that finally happened, I erased each drive and inserted them back into the case. The whole box still won't get recognized by the computer. I've tried to connect via USB and Firewire and no go. I'm wondering if it is the interface board and since this thing is way out of warranty, if there is a way I can get a replacement board.

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Re: Unmountable RAID2

Postby Dustin F » Apr 28th, '14, 08:34

Hi JohC,

If it is not seen by the computer at all it may be the controller card. We do not sell the parts for the drives. Looking online for parts or a unit for parts would be the best option for that. Make sure that you are getting parts for the same generation in order to fit correctly into it.

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