No power

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No power

Postby djmarc7 » Dec 13th, '13, 23:33


I have a 3tb G drive (The one with the wall wart)

It has been working no problem until right now, the power light doesn't go on & the drive does not show up. Hoping & praying it's just the power supply that stopped working. Any suggestions?


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Re: No power

Postby Dustin F » Dec 16th, '13, 08:41

Hi djmarc7,

Thanks for posting. You may want to try the power adapter in a different outlet, or if you have another g-drive you could try the power adapter from that to test. If you don't have a spare to test with but the drive is in warranty we could send you a spare power adapter for the unit. If you private message me with the s/n I can verify the warranty status and see about sending you the spare adapter.

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