Error -50 OSX

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Error -50 OSX

Postby pepo » Jul 5th, '13, 06:37


I've been working with a G-Drive of 2TB that keeps getting an error -50 code in Mac OSX. When we get this code we cannot write to disk anymore. Also the disk will not properly eject as you have to use 'force eject' to unmount the disk. After you remount the drive everything is okay for like 6 hours and then the error -50 kicks in again and you can't use the disk anymore.

We're actually using two of these drives on two different machines with different OS's. One is Lion OS, I think 10.7.5 and the one Mountain Lion 10.8.4. We connect them via Firewire 800 cause we are editing video with them.

Also the drives go to sleep after a while, no matter what is chosen in the OS system settings.

Any idea how to solve this?

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Re: Error -50 OSX

Postby Gene G » Jul 9th, '13, 07:28


Thanks for your post. A -50 error is a general I/O error that is caused by an recent Apple update. There is a firmware fix being developed, and should be available soon. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gene Gilbert
G-Technology Tech Support

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