Window 7 .G drive does not recognize or appear in my comp

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Window 7 .G drive does not recognize or appear in my comp

Postby lemeken » Jun 28th, '13, 16:02

Just purchased G drive, tried to install it in my computer but Windows 7 does not recognize it. The G drive icon does not appear on the disk management .
Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Please I need a help. I want to hook it up with Pro Tools 10 in my studio.


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Re: Window 7 .G drive does not recognize or appear in my com

Postby Dustin F » Jul 1st, '13, 07:39

Hi Lemeken,

Thanks for posting. The G-Drive is pre-formatted for mac. The drive will list in disk management but will not have the g-drive icon. Here is how to format the drive for windows.

To format the drive from MAC to Windows format you must first find out the disk number associated with the drive.
• To do this press (Windows Key + R) this will bring up the run window.
• Type (cmd) into the box and click ok.
• This will open the command promt a black box with white text
• Type (diskpart) into the command prompt and hit enter
• Type (list disk) and hit enter. This will give you a list of the hard drives on the computer arranged by number and will list the capacity (the amount of data the drive can hold). The drive will usually be the last in the list. Check the capacity to verify. The G-Drive will always be a number higher than 0.
• Once you have the disk number type (select disk “x”) (substitute x for the drive number i.e. 1, 2, 3) command prompt will then say disk “x” is selected disk
• Type (clean) once you get a message saying the drive has finished cleaning you can close the window.
• Open disk management in most versions of windows click the start button place the mouse pointer over “Computer” or “My Computer” and right click. Then click manage. For Windows 8 press ( Windows Key + X) then click “Disk Management”
• The computer management window will open, click “disk management” in the left column.
• Look for the disk number listed in the lower half of the window (you may want to maximize the window in order to see all drives easier.) The area next to the disk number should be black. Right click on the box with the drive number and click “initialize” If asked to select “MBR or “GPT” for partition style select “GPT”
• Next right click on the black box to the right labeled “unallocated space” click “New Simple Volume” or “New Partition” (depending on your version of windows)
• A wizard window will open, click next select “Primary Partition” if asked (XP users) the maximum amount of space will be selected by default so just click next.
• It will say “Assign a drive letter or path” the default drive letter is fine, click next
• NTFS is the format you want and leave the default allocation unit size as is. Where is says “New Volume” you may type a name for the drive that will be familiar to you. Recommended is the product name (i.e. g-drive, g-raid, g-drive mini) Check the “Perform a quick format” box and click next
• Click “Finish” the drive will take a moment to format, once the partition is listed as “Healthy” in disk management the drive will be ready to use and can be found in computer.

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