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Postby tankdog12 » Oct 26th, '12, 03:43

Just purchased a 3tb drive. Spent the better part of the last two days letting it back up my iMac running 10.7.5
The drive did show up as the instructions said it would, I goofed up and let it run without turning off my power saver settings and the unit went to sleep and did not complete the back up.
Then yesterday it did finish.
Today when I clicked on the drive to see the contents of it, it shows the device with a file identified as 2012-10....inprogress
The unit, when the computer was fired up today started into another back up and as of now shows about 28 days of back up for 13.2 MB of 3.37 GB.
I thought I followed the instructions on the set up properly but now I am wondering what I am seeing. And while typing this right now, the reading went from 13.2 to now 18.8 MB of 3.37 GB.
I wanted to start using the drive but it is not looking like I can't.
Appreciate the ease of the set up and all....but the instructions don't seem to address the use of the drive once its completed its initial back up.....Help

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Postby Gene G » Nov 30th, '12, 11:14

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your post. The ...inprogress file is Time Machine doing another backup, and if you let it finish it will continue. Time Machine will do a new backup every time that you have it setup for. Sometime Time Machine will have an issue and you might need to delete the latest backup, the progress one, and then TM will do a new backup. If you need more information about using Time Machine, check with Apple and their website. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gene Gilbert
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