G-Drive not mounting after restart

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G-Drive not mounting after restart

Postby Pianoman1a » Jun 24th, '14, 05:37


Whenever I restart my iMac, which is about once a week, my G-Drive partitions do not show up in any finder windows. If I open Disk Utility, I can see the drive but I need to eject it and remount it or unmount and mount each partition individually. It is connected to the computer via Firewire 800. There are two more external drives that are further down the chain that always automatically show up. Anybody know what I might be able to do to fix this issue?


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Re: G-Drive not mounting after restart

Postby Delta » Apr 22nd, '15, 22:52

I have the same Problem using the G-Drive with Thunderbolt or USB. G-Drive is mounting but shows not on the desktop.

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Re: G-Drive not mounting after restart

Postby Dustin F » Apr 23rd, '15, 07:26

Hi Delta,

So your drive mounts in finder but not on the desktop, or won't mount after a reboot as the previous entry and have to mount manually from disk utility?

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