Oxford 934; PPC Mac boot

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Re: Oxford 934; PPC boot

Postby Dustin F » Apr 16th, '14, 07:12

Hi shiekh,

Thanks for posting. We do not have any older firmware for downgrading any of our drives, even older units. The only firmware we have had has been for some newer drives. Drives from that era we only had what firmware was loaded on the controller by Oxford.

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Re: Oxford 934; PPC boot

Postby shiekh » Apr 16th, '14, 07:20

Somehow I doubt it was G-Tech who put this firmware on the unit (I got the enclosure on e-bay, one of a large batch from Digitalet) as the configuration was for less than 2.2 TB, while the enclosure originally held a 3 TB drive.

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