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View hidden files_folders

Postby wiremom » Dec 22nd, '13, 10:41

I have a small G-Tech mini, only 250GB. There is only one folder on the drive that is approximately 50GB. However when I look at the information, it says that I only have 40GB available. How can I see the hidden files/folders so that I can clear up this space? I'm on Mac OSX 10.

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Re: View hidden files_folders

Postby Dustin F » Dec 23rd, '13, 09:08

Hi wiremom,

Thanks for posting. Seeing hidden files on a mac requires using terminal and can vary from different osx versions. I will include a link for an apple forum discussion on it. If you have previously deleted files from the drive without emptying the trash the files would remain on the drive. If the drive has been ejected or the computer rebooted since the deletion the simplest way to recover the space is to copy the data you want to keep off the drive, use disk utility to wipe for free space removing all partitioning on the drive, then recreate the partition. If you still wish to go about it by trying to view hidden files you are free to do so.

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