Excessive parking noises?

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Excessive parking noises?

Postby Navatar » Apr 30th, '13, 07:26

I just got a 1TB USB 3.0/Firewire 800 mini drive yesterday. Using my Macbook Air's USB 3.0 connection, it sounds like the drive is parking a lot -- that is, it's making a hard clicking sound at the start of any drive access.

Is this normal?

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Re: Excessive parking noises?

Postby Dustin F » May 1st, '13, 08:28

Hi Navatar,

Thanks for posting. The higher capacity drives of that size do tend to be more microphonic, the case of the internal drive itself sometimes amplifies the sound of the mechanical components inside. Is the drive working and making moving noises or is it having trouble at first and having a constant click? Does this problem also happen on a desktop computer? If it is just the moving noise and it happens on a desktop computer it could just be the drive case amplifying the noises. If it only happens on the laptop it may be the drive is having trouble drawing power quick enough from the macbook air. In that case adding a power adapter to use when on the laptop would help that. I do not think there is anything wrong with the drive and most likely it is just the noises being amplified. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Re: Excessive parking noises?

Postby koveraasen » Dec 4th, '13, 06:38


I just bought the same drive as Navatar, and noticed the exact same excessive noise when the drive parks the head, and it seem to be happening frequently. During constant read or write there is no noise, it just happens when it's "done". Nothing seem to be wrong with the drive and there is no delays anywhere, but this sound creeps me out. I just want to make sure that this is normal, and that my drive is not going to die on me soon?

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