G Drive deos not always "engage" - clicks.

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G Drive deos not always "engage" - clicks.

Postby rlape » Jan 19th, '13, 10:16

When I try to turn the G Drive on sometimes it has a soft little clicking noise but never starts up. I've turned it off and tapped the side of it and sometimes that get is to turn on. Sometimes it takes a few tries. What should I do?

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Re: G Drive deos not always "engage" - clicks.

Postby Kenny M » Jan 21st, '13, 12:52

Hello rlape,

Please contact Technical Support at 888.426.5214 using some trouble shooting techniques our agents will be able to verify if you are having a power issue or if the unit is malfunctioning. If the drive is under warranty the agent will also be able to process your replacement.

Kenny M
G-Technology Technical Support

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