Drive is not working

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Drive is not working

Postby babsy026 » May 22nd, '14, 05:53

I started using my G Drive mobile USB on 12/1/2012 and it backed up my computer once every week.

Yesterday (5/21/2014) when I installed the new OS X Mavericks system, my computer told me that the G drive had failed on 2/8/2014. I ran the disk repair program and verified the drive which said it was ok.

Today I looked at the drive’s records. After 1/10/2014, it started backing up every day, and on 2/7/2014 there were 8 back-ups! There is a back-up folder for 2/8/2014 but this is the back-up that my computer said had failed.

After that folder there is a file (a sheet of paper with top right hand corner curled forward) that says 5/21/2014 (yesterday) inProgress although the drive is not spinning.
Then there is a folder entitled “Latest”.

How do I get the drive which tested ok to start working again?

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Re: Drive is not working

Postby Dustin F » May 22nd, '14, 07:45

Hi babsy026,

Thanks for posting. So for clarity, the drive mounts (appears on desktop or in finder) but time machine is unable to complete a backup?

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