how to transfer media

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how to transfer media

Postby Tbone » Mar 22nd, '14, 07:50

We used our G Drive Mobile USB 1T as our backup device using Time Machine on our iMac. We now use a G Drive 4T as our backup drive using Time Machine. I want to use our G Drive Mobile USB 1T to store dvd video in MPEG4 format. I have erased all data from the G Drive Mobile USB 1T device. How do I transfer the MPEG4 video from iMovie 9.0.9 version on my iMac (approx 30 hours worth) to the G Drive Mobile USB 1T device? (Click and drag? do I have to reformat? set up a folder?). After I have transferred the MPEG4 video to the G Drive Mobile USB 1T device, can I safely delete the video from my iMac iMovie 9.0.9? assured that it is safely on my G Drive Mobile USB 1T device and then be able to reload it from the G Drive Mobile USB 1T device back to my iMac? I need to free up space on my iMac startup disk.

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Re: how to transfer media

Postby Dustin F » Mar 24th, '14, 09:10

Hi Tbone,

Thanks for posting. It sounds like you dragged the old time machine file to the trash instead of using the erase tab in disk utility to format the drive. If so make sure you empty the trash while the drive is attached to free up the space on the drive. Deleted files on an external drive to not disappear from occupied drive space until you have emptied the trash. If you have already encoded the files into MPEG4 then you should be to drag and drop the files from finder. If you create folders to organize the files is up to you. If you wish to delete the files from the computers hard drive once copied you certainly can. We always suggest having files in at least to places but sounds like the files will also be in the time machine backup.

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