Extreeeeemely slow!

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Extreeeeemely slow!

Postby brunski » Oct 3rd, '12, 19:35

I recently purchased a G-drive mobile USB3. I have backed up once last week which took longer than expected which I just put down to the first backup. I am now trying to back up a second time and it barely clocks over. It also takes a * of a long time to prepare the backup.
I've unplugged it and restarted it over 10 minutes ago and it's still 'preparing backup'. I have approximately 180GB on my drive.

I have a new macbookPro 15"

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Re: Extreeeeemely slow!

Postby Gene G » Oct 5th, '12, 07:32

Hi Brunski,

Thanks for your post. Are you using Time Machine to backup? If so, that would be why the first backup took so long. The subsequent backups should take less time. The preparing backup is a computer and OS function, so that is not a drive issue unless it tells you it cannot find the drive or cannot backup to it. Have you had any error messages? You could also check the speed of the drive with the AJA System Test, which you can find here: http://www.aja.com/en/products/software/ It is about halfway down the page. Run the test using a 2GB file size and use the Sweep Video Frame Sizes test and let me know what you get. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gene Gilbert
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