G-Drive Slim self-ejects

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G-Drive Slim self-ejects

Postby maggetybrick » Jan 28th, '14, 05:18

Several times a day, I get the red box with the message that the G-Drive has been ejected incorrectly. Sometimes the icon does not disappear from Finder and my desktop. Sometimes it disappears and then reappears, and sometimes it disappears permanently and has to be replugged.
I've had the G-Drive for more than a year, and this just began happening about a month ago.

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Re: G-Drive Slim self-ejects

Postby Dustin F » Jan 28th, '14, 09:09

Hi maggetybrick,

Thanks for posting. Seeing as it is happening erratically it may be an issue with the usb cable, I would suggest swapping the usb cable with another to see if it persists. If ti does it may be the port on the drive itself which if you have only had it a year it should be under warranty and can file a RMA to have it replaced. I would suggest trying the usb cable first though as this is a common cause.

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