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LED functionality of the G-RAID Studio
State HDD 1 HDD 2 G-Logo 3
System Start Blink once Blink once Blink once Blink once Blink once, and blink until ready Blink once
HDD Idle/On On Off On Off on Off
HDD Read/Write Blink Off Blink Off On Off
HDD 1 Failure (RAID 0) Off On On On Off On
HDD 2 Failure (RAID 0) Off On Off On Off On
HDD 1 Failure (RAID 1) Off On On Off Off On
HDD 2 Failure (RAID 1) On Off Off On Off On
HDD 1 Empty (RAID 0) Drive empty Drive empty Off On Off On
HDD 2 Empty (RAID 0) Off On Drive empty Drive empty Off On
HDD 1 Empty (RAID 1) Drive empty Drive empty On Off Off On
HDD 2 Empty (RAID 1) On Off Drive empty Drive empty Off On
Building RAID Blink Off Blink Off Blink Off

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Article ID: 192 Article Created: 05-23-2014 14:48 PMLast Modified: 05-23-2014 14:51 PM

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